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1 Roundberry Quarry
4 Whateley Quarry
5 Kingsbury Brickworks
6 Rawn Hill
7 Steppy Lane Section
8 Mancetter Hill Farm Quarry
9 Oldbury Quarry
10 Jee's Quarry
11 Moor Wood Railway Cutting
12 Judkins Quarry
13 Midland Quarry
14 Stockingford Railway Cutting
15 Arley Tunnel Cutting– West
16 Hill Cottage Quarry
17 Newdigate Colliery Mineral Railway Cutting
18 Corley Cutting
20 Coventry Ring Road
21 Parkfield Road Quarry
22 Gibbett Hill Middle Quarry
23 King's Hill Farm, Finham
25 Quarryfield House Quarry
26 Kenilworth Castle Quarry
27 Ashow Site
28 Rowington Canal Cutting
29 Milverton Section, River Avon
30 Rock Mill Quarry
31 Southam Cement Quarries
32 Dark Lane Copse Quarry
33 Burton Dassett Hills
35 Edge Hill Quarries
36 Meon Hill Barn
38 Winderton Road Cutting
41 Purley Quarry
42 Moor Wood Quarry
43 Baginton Garden Centre
45 Temple Grafton Quarry
46 Baxterley Quarry
47 Royal Oak Gravel Pit & Cutting
48 Old Milverton RiverTerraces

49 River Arrow Studley
50 Avonhill Quarry
51 River Avon - Stratford Racecourse

52 Ufton Hill Farm
53 Hill Farm Quarry - Maxstoke
54 Mows Hill Dingle
55 Moorwood Farm Quarry

56 Weston Park Lodge Quarry
57 Claybrookes Marsh Spoil Tip
58 Napton Industrial Estate
59 A422 Quarry Hornton
60 Round Hill Road Cutting
62 Southam Salt Spring
63 Traitors Ford Quarries
64 Marsh Farm Salford Priors
65 Canley Brook
66 Polesworth Railway Cutting
67 Stipers Hill Plantation
68 Griff No. 4 Quarry
69 Marlcliff
70 Meriden Hill Cutting
71 Oldbury Grange Sills
72 Paul’s Ford, Attleborough
74 Griff Hollows
76 Windmill Hill, Tysoe
77 The Humpty Dumpty Field, Ilmington
78 Ettington Road Cutting
79 Pagets Lane Pit
80 Brailes Hill No. 2 –geomorphological
81 North Woodloes Quarry
82 Merevale Lane Cutting
83 Southam Bypass Cutting
84 Edge Hill Landslip
85 Warmington Church Marlstone  Exposure
86 Paul's Land Quarry
87 Brailes Hill No. 1 –geological
88 Edge Hill Farm Quarry
89 Napton Hill Sandstone Doggers
90 Wood Farm Quarry
91 Cherry Orchard Brickpit
92 Chapel Green, Fillongley
93 Hill Plantation, Maxstoke
94 Kings Hill Nurseries
95 Newbold Quarry
96 Staircase Lane, Allesley
97 Kenilworth Cutting (Coventry Road)
98 The Dumble Tufa Springs
99 Bell Green Road
100 Astley Castle - Moat
101 Astley Castle - Dark Lane

 LoGS56 Weston Park Lodge Quarry LoGS80 Brailes Hill No. 2 –geomorphological LoGS87 Brailes Hill No. 1 –geological LoGS63 Traitors Ford Quarries LoGS76 Windmill Hill, Tysoe LoGS38 Winderton Road Cutting LoGS77 The Humpty Dumpty Field near Ilmington LoGS36 Meon Hill Barn LoGS59 A422 Quarry Hornton LoGS88 Edge Hill Farm Quarry LoGS35 Edge Hill Quarries LoGS85 Warmington Church Marlstone Exposure LoGS78 Ettington Road Cutting LoGS84 Edge Hill Landslip LoGS50 Avonhill Quarry LoGS33 Burton Dassett Hills LoGS51 River Avon - Stratford Racecourse LoGS45 Temple Grafton Quarry LoGS69 Marlcliff LoGS64 Marsh Farm Salford Priors LoGS32 Dark Lane Copse Quarry LoGS62 Southam Salt Spring LoGS83 Southam Bypass Cutting LoGS49 River Arrow Studley LoGS60 Round Hill Road Cutting LoGS52 Ufton Hill Farm LoGS83 Southam Bypass Cutting LoGS31 Southam Cement Quarries LoGS62 Southam Salt Spring LoGS58 Napton Industrial Estate LoGS89 Napton Hill Sandstone Doggers LoGS30 Rock Mill Quarry LoGS29 Milverton Section, River Avon LoGS48 Old Milverton RiverTerraces LoGS81 North Woodloes Quarry LoGS27 Ashow Site LoGS91 Cherry Orchard Brickpit LoGS26 Kenilworth Castle Quarry LoGS54 Mows Hill Dingle LoGS22 Gibbett Hill Middle Quarry LoGS23 King's Hill Farm, Finham LoGS43 Baginton Garden Centre LoGS90 Wood Farm Quarry near Bubbenhall LoGS79 Pagets Lane Pit LoGS25 Quarryfield House Quarry LoGS21 Parkfield Road Quarry LoGS47 Royal Oak Gravel Pit & Cutting LoGS95 Newbold Quarry LoGS57 Claybrookes Marsh Spoil Tip LoGS20 Coventry Ring Road LoGS99 Bell Green Road LoGS70 Meriden Hill Cutting LoGS19 Nursery Cottage Brickworks LoGS92 Chapel Green, Fillongley LoGS18 Corley Cutting LoGS17 Newdigate Colliery Minersl Railway Cutting LoGS16 Hill Cottage Quarry LoGS53 Hill Farm Quarry - Maxstoke LoGS93 Hill Plantation, Maxstoke LoGS15 Arley Tunnel Cutting– West LoGS14 Stockingford Railway Cutting LoGS13 Midland Quarry LoGS68 Griff No. 4 Quarry LoGS74 Griff Hollows LoGS101 Astley Castle Dark Lane LoGS100 Astley Castle Dark Moat LoGS86 Paul's Land Quarry LoGS72 Paul’s Ford, Attleborough LoGS12 Judkins Quarry LoGS05 Kingsbury Brickworks LoGS4 Whateley Quarry LoGS1 Roundberry Quarry LoGS66 Polesworth Railway Cutting LoGS67 Stipers Hill Plantation LoGS82 Merevale Lane Cutting LoGS46 Baxterley Quarry LoGS55 Moorwood Farm Quarry ,
            LoGS71 Oldbury Grange Sills, LoGS42 Moor Wood Quarry
            &LoGS11 Moor Wood Railway Cutting LoGS10 Jee's Quarry LoGS6 Rawn Hill, LoGS7 Steppy
            Lane Section, LoGS9 Oldbury Quarry & LoGS41 Purley
            Quarry LoGS28 Rowington Canal Cutting LoGS65 Canley Brook LoGS96 Staircasae Lane, Allesley LoGS97 Kenilworth Cutting (Coventry Road) LoGS98 The Dumble Tufa Springs Image Map

6 Rawn Hill

7 Steppy Lane Section

9 Oldbury Quarry

41 Purley Quarry

55 Moorwood Farm Quarry

11 Moor Wood Railway Cutting

42 Moor Wood Quarry

71 Oldbury Grange Sills